by Cretan Mill

Cretan mill - member of the Almpantakis group of companies, is a company with a long tradition in the production, standardization and marketing of olive oil. Fulfilling a long – term vision, Cretan mill is a combination of years of know-how, passion for olive oil and a pure raw material, deriving from the Cretan land. Owning numerous privately-owned olive oil mills, modern storage and bottling facilities, high-end technology equipment, an in-house certified chemistry laboratory and specialized personnel, our company is today one of the leading olive oil bottling and trading companies in Greece, exporting its products worldwide. Our product portfolio consists of extra virgin, virgin, organic, aromatic, multi-flavored and pomace olive oil, offered in a wide range of packaging, modern design and various brands that satisfy all kinds of tastes. Quality, tradition and value are of great importance to us and our goal is to share this remarkable combination with the rest of the world.