Askra The Valley Of Muses

by Lymperis Estate Ike

Lymperis family, in Askri, Boeotia, was active in oil production, by owning and operating an olive mill as well as having an intense commercial activity. As a fourth generation of this family, we are interested in engaging with this sector following the modern standards of production. After an intense market research, we observed that there is a rapid technological progress in olive-making machinery that aims to preserve all the natural elements of the olive fruit. Therefore, the quality of the final product is upgraded. Our goal was to create a modern olive oil mill that will have as a starting point the olive fruit and the end result will be a sealed standard bottle with all the certifications required to be sold in the top foreign markets. Therefore, in addition to the state-of-the-art oil mill that is housed in a 1300sqm building, there will be a storing area with nitrogen tanks for the preservation of olive oil. Bottling will be done also in this building so the quality of olive oil will be undeniable