Cobram Estate – Essentials Robust

by Cobram Estate Olive Oil

For more than 20 years, Cobram Estate has been a leader in the olive industry and a global innovator in sustainable olive farming. Inspired by California producers’ passion for quality and transparency, founders Rob and Paul, wanted to bring their fully vertically integrated Australian farming and production model to the United States. Without a doubt, the key to making outstanding olive oil lies in the attention and care given to the trees. That’s why Cobram Estate remains dedicated to nurturing their fruit from the tree all the way to the table. Each olive is picked at the optimum moment of growth and then pressed within a few short hours. Now, with established groves on both hemispheres, Cobram Estate is able to continue its mission to produce high-quality, fresh extra virgin olive oil accessible to everyone.This year, Cobram Estate Olive Oil is excited to announce it will be expanding its operations. Not only are there plans to expand the groves to include over 200,000 trees, but the Cobram Estate facility will be undergoing an extensive remodel to accommodate the expected increase in production and operations.