Cretan House Gold

by Liquid Gold Products Ltd Uk

The company was founded in 2012 by Dr Stavia Blunt, a former neurologist, with the aim of promoting the key ingredients of the super-healthy Greek diet. Being half Greek, she knew that Greek olive oil is amongst the best in the world, but was conscious that relatively few people are aware of its quality. Over the last 10 years, Stavia has built up a reputation for superior quality products, which are sourced from small artisan producers, including now her own olive oil production. She is very 'hands on' and farms her own land together with a team of Cretan farmers. She has trained as a professional olive oil sommelier, having taken courses in Italy, London and Greece. Her background in Medicine gives Stavia an added interest in the health qualities of olive oil and the other products she sells. Through Liquid Gold Products she promotes Greek products but also tries to educate customers about the factors determining quality of olive oil, as well as the health value in disease prevention and longevity. Liquid Gold Products has a beautiful outlet on the river front in Richmond upon Thames, where we hold regular olive oil classes, Cretan cookery days, and Greek dining club events. In addition to promoting 'Liquid Gold' , she is passionate about promoting all things Greek. Her regular customers include famous chefs (Nigella Lawson, Tomasina Myers), and Masterchef winners (Irini Tzortzoglou) amongst others.