Eget Memecik

by Eget Vakfi Iktisadi Işletmesi

EGET (Education, Geriatrics, Ecological Agriculture, Tourism) Foundation was established in 2015 to provide scholarships to students experiencing financial difficulties. Sustainability of the foundation and the ability to create its own scholarship fund rather than a donation-based structure were issues that we have always cared about. While creating the scholarship resource, we set out with the aim of preserving nature and the environment, preferring an ecological agriculture-based production style, focusing on geriatrics and gerontology, and exhibiting good examples of wellness tourism in our country. In order to achieve this, we launched the EGET Foundation Commercial Enterprise, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation. By acting as an ideal social entrepreneur, we have achieved many successes with our investments such as Turkey's largest truffle business, the first lavender field in coastal cities, Muğla's first Organic Agriculture Certified Distillation Unit, and our internationally awarded olive oil brand, which won a silver medal from Japan.