by Grupo Ilves S.L.

Hacienda el Lince covers 80 hectares in the region of Montes de Málaga hills in Southern Spain, 800 meters above sea level. Hacienda el Lince has a long history: the earliest records date back to the 16th century. One of the best-known owners of the hacienda was Baldomero Ghiara, whose wife was the aunt of Pablo Picasso. The current owners of Hacienda el Lince continue to pursue the traditions of organic management and keep their interference in plant production to a minimum. Hacienda el Lince oil is produced in th Montes de Málaga hills. The climate and fertile soil of the area gives the oil a unique fresh taste. The fact that the soil of Montes de Málaga originates from the pre-Cambrian Maláguide complex adds a special nuance to the oil. The fruits of organically grown old olive trees are picked by hand, and the first cold-pressed method produces a high-quality, healthy oil that retains all the useful properties and the best-tasting peculiarities of the olives.