Olive Tentation

by Stivaktas John

In the Greece of 2022, many young people, even though they have realizing the difficulties of survival, they decide to stay in the country, to study, to produce, to create income and in this way help themselves their families and the Motherland. One of these young people, Ioannis Stivaktas, a graduate of the Maritime Department of Piraeus, during his coursework, read what the Nobel Prize-winning Greek poet Odysseus Elytis had written: "If you disintegrate Greece, you will be left with an olive tree, a vine and a ship" Which means: With so much else you rebuild it. The above words of the Greek poet gave the impetus to Ioannis Stivaktas to decide to cultivate himself, with the help of specialized and experienced partners, the family olive grove in Agioi Apostoloi, Vatika, Laconia. So he created OLIVE TENTANTION with the aim of promoting the excellent olive oil that his family and friends have been tasting for so many years.