by Kog Yatirim Ve Gida Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.

We want to challenge conventions and reimagine olive oil perfection so you can experience the highest quality of prime olive oil.Tasting Purio extra virgin olive oil will transport you to the rich soil of Turkey where our family’s carefully nurtured groves flourish.The freshness of our olive oil reminisces the Marmara seaside where our limited selection of Gemlik olive trees grow and the deep taste embodies the nature of the forest that closely envelopes our fields.Our ambitions are high and our approach is uncompromised. That is why we handpick our precious olives when the time is just right. Gently extracting their luxurious golden oil right after they leave the trees to preserve every nutrient before bottling them in boutique batches. Our careful process limits the production to around 4000 bottles a year – depending on the generosity of nature. But while these oils are limited it number, they are limitless in value.You will find that our meticulous focus on detail and our unconventional approach produces both luscious freshness and deep complexity in our olive oils making them the natural centerpiece on your carefully set dinner table.The subtle luxury and complex simplicity of Purio olive oil will wow your guests, inspire intimate conversations, and create memorable moments.Purio, SOUL. SOIL. OIL.