Song Of Odysseus

by Artemisia Estates Olive Oil

Song of Odysseus was born from the love of the ancient gift of the gods, an olive oil from the venerable land of Greece. Artemisia Estates was born in 2014 from the owners' dream of creating a world class olive oil from the birthplace of European olive oil, Crete. Here at Artemisia Estates we're more than an olive oil company. We are a driven family that wishes to show a modern world the old ways of Greece, and more specifically, greek olive oil. Our goal is to bring the ancient tradition back into the modern palate. Our olive groves are maintained with love and care throughout the year, as we try to follow the time-tested techniques to harvest the best olives for the purest olive oil. Our philosophy is one of making the finest, complex-tasting olive oil for a world that has yet to fully appreciate Greek and Cretan olive oil. It is our goal to be part of the movement to let the world know what treasure resides in our liquid gold.