by Agricultural Olive Oil Cooperative 'Eleonas'

Agricultural Cooperative, “Certified Quality Agricultural Products of Gargaliani”, called “ELEONAS”, consists of 150 members, who cultivate 105.000 olive trees in an area of 500 hectares. “ELEONAS’ is leaded by a 5-persons board. Our extra virgin olive oil “Vatsiko” comes from Gargaliani Messinias, and is produced by mechanical means from the variety “vatsiko”, which is our own way to call Koroneiki variety in Messinia region. Every single olive tree is cultivated under the system of Good practices and Environmental Management. The rational use of all cultivation means along with the application of a hygiene and traceability system in the process of flowering, fruiting, harvesting and extraction of oil from olive fruits. The collection and processing of olives is done on a single day, in order for the oil to be protected from temperature changes and rotting of the fruit after it is removed from the tree. The “VATSIKO” olive oil stands out for its rich, fruity and full flavor. The characteristic bitterness, which competes with the spicy flavor, brings the authentic flavor of the olive in every dish, along with the smells of nature and complex aromas, features which make our olive oil valuable.