0.3 Zero Three

by K.Mavroudes

The Company and Bottlers of Saint George Olive Oil was established back in 1965 by its founder Costas Mavroudes. His main target was to promote olive oil as one of the most valuable treasures of Cyprus. The first factory was established at "Saint George" village just outside the town of Keryneia. As a result of the Turkish invasion in 1974, the company lost all its Assets. However, it managed to regroup and started from the beginning at a small factory, then moved to a bigger plant in Nicosia, the Capital of Cyprus . The company owns from 2005 new facilities cover over 3.000 square meters in the Area of Ergates (industrial area of Nicosia, Cyprus) In our facilities run two fully equipped bottling lines. Saint George is the NO1 brand preference for olive oil Consumers, in Cyprus. At Saint George we conduct 30 different analyzes for each lot of olive oil that will be bottled under our brand name. We supervise the cultivation from the time of blossoming from all over Cyprus. We visit the mills during the period of grinding of the olive in the most important olive-growing regions of Cyprus