Terra Authenticia

by Chania

Located in Meknès, Morocco, land of contrasts, The Domaine Naoual Chami right in the middle of this same country, where history shaped people and their culture through the millennia. On an area of 205 acres, we cultivate three kinds of olive trees: Arbéquina, Picual and Koroneiki. In this landscape of olive cultivation, our trees draw from a black and very fertile soil, lulled by a temperate heat, its particularity and strenght. With an expertise transmitted through the generations, our ambition is to constantly give priority to quality and quantity, from harvesting to bottling, ensuring that the estate is fully developed throughout the year, while respecting the environment. Our ideal olives are delicately hand picked, carefully sorted, washed and triturated in the same day to release all their aroma while preserving their nutritional value and their health benefits. Combining tradition and modernity, we produce a pure juice, sun-drenched, stored in stainless steel food tanks. From the very first year, our oil is classified in the national competition of the Ministry of Agriculture for the selection of the best olive oils "Virgin Extra" in the category "Mature Fruity". This distinction highlights the commitment of the Domaine Naoual Chami and its concern for excellence for an extra virgin oil destined for high gastronomy. Originating from olives of the Greek variety Koroneïki, Chania is an oil with a strong personality. Its bitterness and spiciness testify to its richness in polyphenols. It gives off aromas of ripe bananas and freshly cut herbs, characteristic of this variety so popular in Greece. Chania, will bring to your dishes a typically Mediterranean touch.